Hearing Aid Options

Style and Comfort Considerations

Like a pair of glasses, style and comfort are important considerations when it comes to hearing devices, too. Call Villa Rica Ear, Nose & Throat at 770-459-0408 if you think it’s time to consider a hearing aid. Don’t miss out on life because of a hearing problem – we can help!
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The Alta2 by Oticon

The Alta2 by Oticon is small, super sleek hearing aid model that fits inside the ear canal and disappears from view. We also have behind-the-ear models that can be colored to blend with your skin tone and hair color. If you prefer not to hide your hearing instrument, they’re available in accent colors to stand out – similar to a piece of jewelry.

All Alta2 models are made to be worn effortlessly. Because they’re so comfortable, you may forget you’re wearing them. 

The Alta2 contains advanced Oticon hearing technology that produces the clearest, most lifelike sounds. The sounds you hear are more comfortable and natural and require less effort on your part. Alta2’s computer technology supports your brain to give you more intuitive and more natural hearing.

This breakthrough technology is called BrainHearing™, and only Oticon has it. BrainHearing™:
  • Helps both ears work together
  • Recognizes and preserves natural speech
  • Separates speech from background noise
  • Coordinates how sound is best understood by your brain
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